Jersey Devil Coaster Closed For Inspection at Six Flags Great Adventure


Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey has revealed that the second generation raptor models including Jersey Devil Coaster have been closed by their manufacturer and need to undergo inspections before they can reopen.

While exact details weren't given, the fact that this is only the second generation raptors suggests that this has something to do with the different trains on this model of roller coaster compared to the original raptors, as it is the main difference between the two ride types.

Jersey Devil Coaster At Sunset Six Flags Great Adventure

This just adds to a long line of roller coasters that have had issues that cause them to close down for extended periods of time, and we have no idea when Jersey Devil Coaster will be able to reopen. It is worth mentioning the other second-generation raptor, Stunt Pilot, has already reopened. However, it is located extremely near the ride manufacturer and is a significantly less elaborate coaster.

 I will say when I rode it last month at the park it had fairly consistent breakdowns that made it difficult to ride due to how often it was down. I can't say I am surprised to hear that there is some sort of manufacturing issue with this roller coaster that needs to be corrected.

Hopefully, the park is able to get the ride up and operating again soon. It is really a great ride and it is the newest coaster at the park. With El Toro closed in the same park they really need this ride to be open at the moment, especially as we have no idea when El Toro is going to be able to reopen.