George Sanderson 2319 Disney Parks Character Tribute

Disney Character Tribute

George Sanderson and Boo in Pixar Parade Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

Monsters Inc is full of iconic characters but one of the smaller cult classic characters has always been George Sanderson, one of many scarer monsters that works alongside Mike and Sulley in the original film.

George Sanderson Character Walt Disney World Parade

Throughout most of the movie anything a human touches is assumed to be poisonous, leading to a 2319 being called when George returns to the human world with a sock stuck to his back.

Rarely, especially in the early years of the movie, he would appear in parades alongside other characters like Boo and Sulley. 

George Sanderson Character With Sock in Disney's Hollywood Studios Parade Walt Disney World

He can even be seen with the sock that led to his iconic moment in the movie.

George Sanderson Needleman and Smitty Characters Monsters Inc in Walt Disney World Parade

As the film began to fade from the parks, he disappeared from the Disney Parks alongside other smaller characters from Monsters Inc, but he remains a classic part of many early Pixar parades and events in the Disney Parks.