Captain Marvel Display in Times Square Disney Store

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Korath Costume Captain Marvel Disney Store Times Square New York City

The Times Square Disney Store regularly redesigns entire floors based on current or upcoming films to promote whatever the newest release is. These displays can include elaborate displays and even props and costumes from the movie.

Today we look back on the Captain Marvel display in the Times Square Disney Store.

Yon-Rogg Starforce Costume Captain Marvel Times Square Disney Store New York City

This display featured three costumes that were used in the filming of the Marvel superhero film surrounded by Captain Marvel and other Marvel superhero merchandise.

Captain Marvel Starforce Costume Times Square Disney Store New York City

This was a great tribute to the first female-led Marvel superhero film, and gave you a way to see a piece of the film while browsing various products based on the film.

Captain Marvel Fan Event Sign Times Square Disney Store New York City

The entire section of the store became a temporary home for all kinds of Marvel decorations, making it the perfect place for any fan of the film or franchise to visit while exploring the massive two-floor Disney Store.