Review: Loki Season 1 Finale For All Time. Always

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Immortus Kang The Conqueror Loki Season Finale For All Time Always

Loki has just released its final episode of the first season with major implications for the future of all of its characters as well as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Multiverse?). 

So here is a review and some first reactions to the massive reveals in the finale. If you do not want the reveals ruined for you then do not continue reading beyond this point, as the biggest reveal comes early in the episode.

Spoiler Warning

Loki For All Time Always The End of Time Marvel Disney Plus

The episode first begins with a look at various elements of the universe gradually zooming out, until eventually, we see the castle from the end of the previous episode floating out on a rock in the middle of a massive void, with the timeline flowing in a ring shape around it.

Loki and Sylvie at the End of Time Together Marvel Disney Plus

Loki and Sylvie enter the castle, after some hesitation, and begin to look around.

Miss Minutes in The Castle at the End of Time Loki For All Time Always Marvel

They are quickly met by Miss Minutes who offers them a deal. If they want, "He Who Remains" will give them both a place on the timeline, together. In addition, they would be granted a certain degree of agency. They turn down the offer and Miss Minutes leaves them alone in the castle to continue exploring.

Ravonna Renslayer Meets With Miss Minutes Loki For All Time Always

We then go back to the TVA where we see Miss Minutes meet with Ravonna and give her files that "He Who Remains" wanted her to see.

We then shift back to the castle at the end of time, as Loki and Sylvie continue exploring what appears to be an entirely abandoned castle.

Kang The Conqueror In Loki For All Time Always

They are then met by "He Who Remains".

Loki Sylvie and He Who Remains in an Elevator Loki Season One Finale Kang

At this point a bit of backstory is necessary.

He who remains is played by Jonathan Majors, an actor who is set to play Kang The Conqueror, the infamous Marvel villain in upcoming projects, but this does not appear to be him. Or rather not that version of him.

He Who Remains Statue Loki Disney Plus Season Finale

Through the backstory we learn from him, he was a scientist in 31st century Earth who discovered the multiverse, and several variants of himself discovered it at basically the same time.

He Who Remains at the End of Time Loki Season Finale Kang The Conqueror

While relations between the worlds started out friendly, eventually other variants began to battle each other for supremacy. Assumably one, or multiple, of these variants is Kang The Conqueror as he is known in the comics, but this is merely a version of the same character who did not choose that same villainous path. He is potentially Immortus, although the episode does not specify.

Kang The Conqueror Sitting at a Desk Loki Season Finale Disney Plus

Instead, he learned to control the timeline through his technology and the Alioth, who sprang out from the multiverse war, creating the TVA and this castle.

He Who Remains Kang Immortus Sitting at a Desk Loki Season Finale

Now, he is tired and old, and has reached the end of time, and wishes for Loki and Sylvie to take over the mantle for him. They are offered two choices, either to kill him, and let the multiverse run free, or to take control of the TVA themselves.

Ravonna's Office On Earth Loki Season Finale For All Time Always

During these reveals Mobius returns to the TVA and Hunter B-15 tracks down the original Ravonna, beginning the process of taking down the TVA.

Mobius Arriving at Ravonna's Office Loki Season Finale

In a final confrontation between Mobius and Ravonna, she explains her allegiance to the ideals of the TVA and leaves for an unknown mission.

Loki and Sylvie Fight at the End of Time Season Finale For All Time Always

Back at the end of time, Loki and Sylvie are conflicted about how to respond to this, and "He Who Remains"/ not Kang the Conqueror grows less confident as he no longer is certain of the outcome. Although not Kang does express the sentiment that whatever happens the end result will be the same. If they kill him, it will merely restart the multiverse war that he won in the past.

Sylvie wishes to kill not Kang as she is still deeply hurt by the pain the TVA caused her. Loki on the other hand recognizes that there may be a real danger to destroying the TVA and is fearful of the disruption to their reality.

They battle over this disagreement, both not wanting to destroy the other, and expressing different issues with trust.

Loki and Sylvie Kiss at the End of Time Marvel Disney Plus

In the end, Sylvie kisses Loki before pushing him back into the TVA.

Sylvie Kills He Who Remains Kang Variant Loki Season Finale For All Time Always

She then kills the unafraid not Kang, ensuring the multiverse continues to fracture.

Loki Meets With Mobius and Hunter B-15 in TVA Library Loki Season Finale

Loki then runs through the now chaotic TVA and finds Mobius and Hunter B-15. He tries to explain the situation to them but they are confused and do not recognize him.

Loki Looks at Kang The Conqueror Statue in the TVA Season Finale

He then notices that the statues of the Timekeepers have been replaced by a new statue, which appears to be of Kang The Conqueror (the real one this time).

Loki Will Return In Season 2 Disney Plus Marvel

There is no post-credits scene other than an official announcement of a season two of Loki.

The Marvel Universe Splits Into a Multiverse Loki For All Time Always

This is probably the single most important episode of a Disney Plus Marvel original show yet, as it completely redefines how the universe works. With multiple projects rumored to be delving into this realm in the future, this is the start of all that is to come from this massive reestablishment of the rules of the MCU.

It was also a perfect introduction of Kang The Conqueror despite never formally introducing him. This variant gave all you needed to know about his power while still leaving enough mystery for the real Kang to develop on in the future. Kang is one of the biggest villains the MCU has tackled, and they gave him probably the best introduction of any villain yet.

Loki and Sylvie Meet With He Who Remains Kang Variant

As for where this leaves Sylvie and Loki, they are in a strange state with no clear path back to one another. There multiverse is expanding at a rapid pace and they are no longer aligned with common motives.

The Castle At The End Of Time Loki Season 1 Finale Disney Plus

Loki proved to be a strange and deeply important show for the Marvel universe, and it has only begun to redefine this multiverse.