What Aristocats Characters Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Marie Aristocats Character in France Pavilion Epcot Walt Disney World

The Aristocats was one of the last Disney movies with direct involvement from Walt Disney and features some iconic Disney characters and music. This film would make for a great update to Disney Magic Kingdoms game.

We are speculating on what characters from the film could be added in a potential future update to the game.

I think this film would be added as a smaller permanent content update. It is a moderately popular Disney film, and doesn't have a lot of very popular characters. It has a few, but it's mainly contained to just the main family of cats.

My bet would be there are three characters that are almost certain to be added, the three kittens Toulouse, Marie, and Berlioz. They are the most iconic three characters from the film and I think the update could include only them if it was to be a much smaller update.

But there are two other characters I would also assume would be added as well, although maybe a little less likely than the main trio.

Those next two characters are Duchess and Thomas O'Malley. They are also part of the main storyline of the film and would probably be added together if either of them comes to the game as they are really a pair.

I think these five characters are by far the most likely to be added, but there is one other character I think could be a part of the update, and that is Edgar. He is a smaller character, and a human which makes me put him this low on the ranking. But he is also the villain of the movie, which could mean he gets added for the storyline so the cats have someone to work against.

Circus Fantasyland Disney Magic Kingdoms Game Area

Aristocats is a classic Disney film with a lot of charm that would surely translate to a great update to Disney Magic Kingdoms.


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