Ranking All The Roller Coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure

El Toro and Kingda Ka Roller Coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure is one of the largest amusement parks in the world, and it currently holds 13 roller coasters. But not all of these roller coasters are created equal, and some of them are far better than others.

So here is my ranking for the 13 roller coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure from worst to best after the addition of Jersey Devil Coaster.

13. Joker

This is a 4D freespin roller coaster that has been added to many Six Flags amusement parks around the country as well as other amusement parks around the globe. It is a good experience with a great waterside setting that would be a great mid-tier roller coaster at nearly any other park. It being last on this list is really a tribute to the quality of the other coasters on this list rather than this being a bad ride.

Its free-spinning nature gives each ride a different character, but it is an intense experience that may be too much for those with issues with spinning roller coasters.

12. The Dark Knight Coaster

The Dark Knight Coaster Entrance Six Flags Great Adventure

The Dark Knight Coaster is a highly-themed roller coaster based on versions of Batman characters featured in the Dark Knight Trilogy. Will it features a simple wild mouse style layout that is found in many amusement parks around the world, it is a unique experience that tries to tell a story of escaping the Joker in the city of Gotham.

The theming is not the best but it is fun and should be given a chance at least once, especially for the great by Six Flags standards queue line and preshow videos. It is a unique ride unlike anything else in the park, only brought back a little bit by its roughness.

11. Harley Quinn Crazy Train

Harley Quinn Crazy Train is a moderately sized kiddie coaster that provides a great intro coaster for smaller visitors. It is by no means an amazing ride, but it is great for what it is. A nice less intense ride that is suitable for all ages people open to all thrill levels.

10. Runaway Mine Train

Runaway Mine Train Roller Coaster Entrance Six Flags Great Adventure

The Runaway Mine Train is the oldest still operating roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure and it is still a good experience at the park. While certainly one of the roughest roller coasters at the park, it is still a good moderately intense roller coaster for the park.

It provides a good mine train experience focused on turns in one of the most visually appealing sections of the park, filled with trees, and going over one of the bodies of water in the park near El Toro. It is a great classic coaster experience that should be accessible for the entire family.

9. Skull Mountain

Skull Mountain Roller Coaster Building Six Flags Great Adventure

Skull Mountain is an inside family roller coaster that is one of the strangest experiences in Six Flags Great Adventure. It has an incredibly detailed facade and queue line, themed as some kind of ancient mountain or temple with vague Indiana Jones-like theming.

The ride itself is a completely different experience though. After climbing a small lift hill you pass through a hallway with views outside the ride. Then you climb another small lift hill before going down a relatively large and forceful hill in complete darkness. The rest of the ride is then a series of small hills and turns characteristic of a ride like this.

This is a strange ride that is a fun experience perfect for moderate thrill-seekers.

8. Green Lantern

Six Flags Great Adventure Entrance Sign Green Lantern Roller Coaster

Green Lantern is one of the most intense roller coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure. Featuring five inversions, light theming, and a mist element, this seems at first glance that it should be an amazing coaster that would be one of the best in the park. There is just one problem that keeps it lower on this list. The ride system.

This ride is a stand-up coaster from B&M, which is normally known for its reliable and quality roller coaster models. But this model is uncomfortable, puts riders in an awkward standing position during the ride, and is somewhat rough, which is extremely unusual for a B&M roller coaster.

There is a reason this roller coaster model has not had an entirely new coaster built since the 1990s. It takes what could be a great layout and makes it worse by the model of coaster it is.

7. Jersey Devil Coaster

Jersey Devil Coaster is the newest roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure and it is the first of its roller coaster model, the RMC Raptor, to feature a unique model. It is the biggest roller coaster of its kind and it features 3 inversions and a height of 130 feet, and it is themed after the popular local myth of the same name.

This ride features an amazing airtime and hangtime-filled first half that is filled with some of the best elements RMC has to offer. But the second half loses a bit of steam that keeps it from being a top-tier roller coaster.

The ride is also still not the most reliable and has faced near-constant breakdowns in its short history. Hopefully, this will be worked out as the ride is broken in and the ride will go up in the list in future years.

6. Nitro

Six Flags Great Adventure Nitro Roller Coaster Leaving Station

Nitro is the park's hyper coaster, meaning the park's traditional style roller coaster which goes over 200 feet tall, and it delivers an airtime-filled experience. The ride features several airtime-filled hills early in its layout that are some of the parts of the ride.

The middle of the coaster also has a helix-filled section focused on giving you some great lateral forces that switches up the experience of the roller coaster before heading back to the station.

This ride provides a solid experience, but it has a strange layout for the type of roller coaster that it is that robs it of some of the forces characteristic of its model. It is still one of the best rides in the park and a must ride for any thrill seeker.

5. Kingda Ka

Kingda Ka Roller Coaster Six Flags Great Adventure

Kingda Ka is one of the most famous roller coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure if not the entire planet. It is the tallest roller coaster in the world and when it opened it was also the fastest, although it no longer holds that title.

This roller coaster features one major element, a launch into a massive vertical hill. After reaching the peak it then goes back down through a spiral vertical drop before climbing a second smaller more traditionally shaped roller coaster hill before returning to the station.

This ride provides an amazing experience for what it is, with its launch being one of the most intense elements on any ride. The ride is, however, very short and it has grown rough over the years and it keeps it, at least for me, out of my top tier of coasters in the park, although it is certainly a top-five roller coaster in the park.

4. Batman The Ride

Batman The Ride Roller Coaster Six Flags Great Adventure

This ride is one of many Batman The Ride themed inverted roller coasters that are found at amusement parks around the world. Featuring the colors of the iconic Batman symbol and light theming both around and just outside of the roller coaster's line and layout, this ride is an intense experience that is one of the best rides in the park.

Featuring 5 inversions, this ride packs an incredibly thrilling experience into a relatively small area with its incredibly compact layout. It combines those forceful inversions with some equally forceful turns and elements where your legs, which dangle beneath the ride vehicle, come near to various elements surrounding the ride or parts of the ride itself.

There is a reason that this ride was built as much as it was. It is an amazing experience that is easily one of the best in any park it is found in.

3. Superman Ultimate Flight

Six Flags Great Adventure Superman Ultimate Flight Flying Roller Coaster

Superman Ultimate Flight is a relatively unique roller coaster, a flying coaster. On this ride, you lie down on your stomach through a ride vehicle that raises to a horizontal position once you are restrained and remain in that position through the ride. This unique position is a completely different experience than any other coaster at the park that creates for some incredibly intense moments.

Every turn and hill on this ride is more extreme on this ride than it would be on another coaster due to how you are riding. Every hill places you either upside down or in a near-vertical position and every turn swings you to the side. The pretzel roll element immediately following the first drop provides some of the strongest forces in the park and that is largely due to how you ride this attraction.

The layout of this ride is also amazing on its own, but its ride vehicles cause it to be a top-tier ride that mimics free flight that easily deserves to be in the top three roller coasters in the park.

2. Bizarro

Bizzaro Floorless Roller Coaster Dropping Into Fire Six Flags Great Adventure

Bizarro may just be the best floorless roller coaster to ever exist, and it is easily one of the best rides at Six Flags Great Adventure. Featuring a height of almost 150 feet and seven inversions, this ride is one of the most intense inverting roller coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure. It is also incredibly smooth which makes the experience incredibly enjoyable.

The ride also features some amazing theming that perfectly fits the ride. This includes a fire element that sees two flames shoot up on either side of the ride, a Bizarro shield mist tunnel, and several building facades, one of which the ride passes through a hole in, providing a great near-miss style element to the ride.

But the ride's strongest element is its layout, which perfectly works between all of the inversions giving a remarkably intense experience in a great wooded setting. If you are looking for the best inverting roller coaster in the park, look no further than Bizarro.

1. El Toro

El Toro Drop Wooden Roller Coaster Six Flags Great Adventure

El Toro, the park's wooden roller coaster is by far the best roller coaster currently at Six Flags Great Adventure. This modern wooden roller coaster, themed after a bull, is an incredibly intense experience that is filled with strong forces.

The first half of the ride is focused mainly on airtime-filled hills which provide some of the strongest on any wooden roller coaster. The last half of the ride focuses on strong lateral force-filled turns that are remarkably forceful. Through the entire layout, the ride keeps up an incredible speed that makes all of the elements more intense and makes the ride the amazing experience that it is.

This ride is unlike almost any other wooden roller coaster in the world in its intensity. It proves how a wooden roller coaster can still be one of the best experiences out there in the 21st century. The oldest type of roller coaster provides an experience that cannot be recreated by steel coasters, and when combined with modern design it can create a world-class roller coaster and that is what El Toro is.

El Toro recently partially derailed with riders on the vehicle and has been closed for inspection since the incident. Luckily no one was hurt in the accident. Hopefully, the ride is able to safely reopen in the future and give the ride back its signature roller coaster.