How Epcot Center's Fountains Helped Create Moving Fountains Around the World

Disney Parks History

Fountain of Nations in Empty Future World Epcot Walt Disney World

Epcot is currently undergoing a lot of changes, and one of the biggest was removing an opening day icon of the park, the Fountain of Nations.

This fountain performed many shows throughout the day choreographed beautifully to music. As a tribute to this fountain, we are paying tribute to this significant part of the history of Walt Disney World looking at the role it played in creating a company that has gone on to make some of the most famous fountains in the world, WET Enterprises.

Imagination Pavilion Jumping Fountain Epcot Walt Disney World

WET Enterprises actually started with Epcot. Three Imagineers would move from Imagineering to found the company after having left behind two of the most recognizable fountains from the early days of the park. One, of course, is the Fountain of Nations, and the other being the jumping Imagination fountain, made personally by the still CEO of the company.

Now the company makes fountains all over the world, not just the World Showcase (I’m sorry I had to). One of their most famous being the Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas.

At least after this WET will still have a presence in Epcot, as long as the leapfrog fountain stays in Epcot.

Today Epcot is without its trademark fountain, but hopefully, it will be replaced with a spiritual successor in the newly redesigned center of the park.