Walt Disney Era Attractions Realized After His Death

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Sleeping Beauty Castle From the Hub Disneyland Park

Walt Disney was the man behind much of what makes the Disney Parks what they are, having a hand in most of the original Disneyland. So many ideas and attractions in the parks are from his mind, and not all of them were made a reality during his lifetime. 

Today we are paying tribute to some ideas from Walt Disney's era of the Disney Parks that weren't built until after his death. Some of these ideas came straight from him while others were from his team, and they didn't come to be for a variety of reasons.

We are not including attractions under construction during his life as he was an active part of these until the final stage of design.

Country Bear Jamboree

The Country Bear Jamboree was primarily designed during Walt's life for a project that never came to be, the proposed Disney ski resort in Mineral King. This show wass largely identical to the one that got built in the Magic Kingdom, with the project being saved from the scrapped resort for Walt Disney World. It was one of the final attractions with Walt's seal of approval, with him having seen and laughed at the character designs only days before his death.

Big Al Audio Animatronic Country Bear Jamboree Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Space Mountain

Space Mountain Exterior From Disneyland Monorail Tomorrowland

After the extraordinary success of Matterhorn Bobsleds Walt wanted to follow it up with another highly themed roller coaster. This led to the development of Space Mountain as a proposed attraction for Tomorrowland. Unfortunatly this idea was a little too futuristic and couldn't be properly realized with the technology of the time. It was later explored as an expansion for the Magic Kingdom, leading to the creation of the classic attraction we know today.

Hall of Presidents

George Washington Painting Hall Of Presidents Lobby Walt Disney World

Walt Disney was a proud American and fit that patriotic spirit into many of his theme park projects. One idea of his that was never realized was adding an area based on the American revolution to Disneyland, along with an attraction featuring all the presidents in audio animatronic form.

During Walt's life, audio animatronics were in their infancy, only being fully realized on a wide scale in Pirates of the Caribbean which opened after his death. This meant his idea of realizing dozens of presidents on stage just wasn't really realistic at the time. But it would be revisited for Walt Disney World, where it continues to opperate to this day.