Disneyland Characters Wearing a Sorcerer Mickey Hat

Disney Character Tribute

Eeyore Character Disneyland Playing in Plaza Inn Character Breakfast

If you are wearing anything Disney to the parks, you are opening yourself up to the characters pointing it out, or even playing with it. Today I'm paying tribute to a particular experience I have had with various Disney characters wearing and playing with a Sorcerer Mickey hat.

Winnie The Pooh Wearing Sorcerer Mickey Hat Disneyland Plaza Inn

Ever since I was little, I have worn a Sorcerer Mickey hat to the Disney Parks on nearly every visit. This typically makes meet and greets a fun experience as characters often give extra attention to it.

Eeyore Character Disneyland Wearing Sorcerer Mickey Hat Plaza Inn Breakfast

The best experience I have ever had with this though was at the character breakfast at the Plaza Inn in Disneyland.

Winnie The Pooh Character Disneyland Wearing Sorcerer Mickey Hat Plaza Inn Character Breakfast

If you have never experienced this meal, you really should make an effort to assuming it comes back to the park after the pandemic. It is by far the best character meal I have ever experienced, in terms of both the meal and the characters, who it seems give you endless amounts of time, even playing entire games with adults and children alike.

Eeyore Wearing Sorcerer Mickey Hat Character Plaza Inn Disneyland

The characters here love to do elaborate things with you, and one time a collection of Winnie The Pooh characters took the hat and had an entire wizard battle in the middle of the restaurant with it.

Dale Character Holding Sorcerer Mickey Hat Plaza Inn Character Breakfast Disneyland

Dale, meanwhile chose to take it and use it like a magician's hat, trying to pull something magically out of it.

Dale Character With a Sorcerer Mickey Hat Plaza Inn Disneyland

Disney meet and greets are some of the most magical experiences in the Disney Parks, and it is made all the more special by unique character moments like this.