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Various attractions have been developed for the Magic Kingdom over the world, especially for the classic Fantasyland area of the park. One of the biggest never-built attractions planned for the area would have been the Enchanted Snow Palace.

This attraction was primarily designed by Marc Davis and was supposed to be inspired by the classic Hans Christian Anderson story the Snow Queen. It would have been an original take on the story featuring a version of the iconic Snow Queen as well as various other cold-weather creatures from penguins to polar bears in humorous scenes.

It was being developed to be built for both the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland at the same time, with the intention for it to be built in the Fantasyland of both lands.

This also would have been a musical attraction similar to other Marc Davis attractions that would have seen the various critters playing musical instruments in the various ice-filled caverns that would have made up the ride scenes.

While it was never built, due in large part to the construction of Epcot Center at about the time this ride was being planned, it is believed to have served as partial inspiration for some of the designs for the film Frozen, which was also based on the same classic story.

Walt Disney World would eventually get its Snow Queen ride, although it would not be based on the original tale, but instead the Disney reinterpretation of it.