5 New Broadway Musicals To See This Fall


Hadestown The Walter Kerr Theatre Sign at Night Broadway Musical

Broadway is finally reopening after a long term closure due to the pandemic. With so many shows all reopening at once it is an exciting time to go see a show. So here are my recommendations for five new musicals to see this fall.

This list only includes musicals from the last two seasons and shows that are reopening by the end of October.

Girl From The North Country

Girl From The North Country Shubert Alley Poster Broadway

This is a unique show featuring an original story and the music of Bob Dylan that was performing on Broadway for about a month before the shutdown. It is a special show unlike anything else currently on Broadway that hasn't become exceedingly popular yet but could easily be a Tony Awards contender next season.


Hadestown Broadway Set Tables Musical

Hadestown is the reigning Tony Award Best Musical winner and for good reason. It is a unique reinterpretation of Greek mythology with a a jazz/ folk music infused twist. With an energetic onstage band and incredible songs and choreography this is one of the best shows currently running in the city and well deserves all of its awards.

Jagged Little Pill

Jagged Little Pill Playbill In Front of Broadway Stage

This new musical inspired by the music of Alanis Morissette this is a modern musical that tackles a lot of difficult subject matter, most of which with a great deal of care. It is an intense experience that is really only for older visitors (don't bring the young kids) but it features an amazing cast and great arrangements of the classic songs, as well as some original music.


Six Musical Pure Entertainment Times Square Advertisement

Six is a modern musical about the wives of King Henry VIII which reimagines all of them as modern pop singers in a competition with one another. This show was a massive success on the West End and its first run on Broadway was cut just short of opening night by the pandemic. This is an energetic show perfect for a first return to the theater.

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge Musical Broadway Marquee New York City

Based on the famous film of the same name, this musical takes the same concept, a doomed romance in the Moulin Rouge in Paris, and adds even more pop songs combined with thrilling theatrics and amazing performances throughout the cast. It is a theatrical experience unlike anything else currently running on Broadway and a uniquely joyous experience.