What Cars Characters Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Lightning McQueen and Mater Animatronics Radiator Springs Racers Finale Cars Land Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Cars is the last major animated franchise from Disney or Pixar that has yet to be added to Disney Magic Kingdoms. While due to the size of the characters it could be difficult to add them to the game, they are so iconic that there will almost certainly be an update based on these films in the future.

We are going to speculate on what a Cars-themed update to Disney Magic Kingdoms would look like, including what characters, attractions, and more could be added.

Cruz Ramirez Passes By Cozy Cone Cars Land Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Starting with characters, there are many characters from all of the films that could be added, but just based on popularity I am going to assume the update is going to be primarily based on the first Cars film.

Lightning McQueen at Flo's V8 Cafe Cars Land Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Obviously, Lightning McQueen will be added to the game. He is the main character of the franchise and any Cars update would feature him.

Beyond him, I think the most likely characters would be the various residents of Radiator Springs, but there are so many characters that I don't think all of them could be included in an update, which on the high end usually only include a maximum of seven characters. So we are assuming roughly that number of characters.

Mater in Radiator Springs Racers Cars Land Disney California Adventure Disneyland

I think the next most likely characters are Mater and Sally. They are huge parts of all three films and have their own buildings in the town that make them natural choices for an update. Mater and Sally also have strong relationships with McQueen that could give the game some fun quests.

Beyond them, I think there are two different levels of Radiator Springs characters, a group that would be more likely and one that would be less likely.

Luigi and Guido Animatronics Radiator Springs Racers Disney California Adventure Disneyland

In the more likely group, I think would be Flo, Ramone, Luigi and Guido (who would be added as a pair), and Red. These are some of the more iconic characters, and ones with the most consistent level of significance throughout the Cars franchise.

Red Fire Truck Character Cars Land Disney California Adventure Disneyland

The less likely group, I think would include Doc Hudson, Fillmore, Sarge, Sheriff, and Lizzie. With the exception of Doc, these are all supporting characters who just due to the number of Cars characters couldn't all be included. Maybe one or two of them could, but not all of them.

Doc on the other hand I think is less likely to get added due to his death after the first film. If a Cars event intends on using any characters from the second two films his presence could be a problem. But if they were to approach Cars like Star Wars, a series of updates based on each film, he would be a great fit for the first film.

Beyond Radiator Springs, there is one major character from all three films I could see being added, Mack, Lightning McQueen's truck. But he is largely disconnected from the story of the films and that could keep him from the game.

In Cars 1, there's only one other character I think has a chance of being added, Chick Hicks. He has a role in two of the Cars films and would give the update a villain. He is also present in one of the attractions in the Disney Parks based on the Cars franchise and could have some fun interactions with Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy.

Due to its relative unpopularity, I don't think any Cars 2 characters would appear in a Cars update. There are just so many more popular characters than Finn McMissile and Holly Shiftwell in the franchise.

Cruz Ramirez Character at the Cozy Cone Cars Land Disney California Adventure Disneyland

As for Cars 3, I do think there is a good chance of Cruz Ramirez getting added to the game. Disney and Pixar pushed this character a lot following the release of the film and she has appeared in Walt Disney World and Disney California Adventure. If any character from the sequels is added, I would place my bet on her.

As for attractions, I wonder if an entire Cars section, similar to the Star Wars section could be added to the game. Cars Land is an incredibly immersive place, and a section like this could allow it to be fully realized in the game.

For attractions, the natural choices are those in Cars Land. Rides like Radiator Springs Racers, Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, and Luigi's Rollickin Roadsters would be a great addition to the game and have some fun animations.

There are also a few other rides and shows that could be added, from Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy to the upcoming Cars Road Trip attraction in Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris.

Cars could be a great update to Disney Magic Kingdoms, and hopefully, it is added to the game soon.


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