Mission: SPACE Epcot Guide

Mission Space Building at Night Epcot Walt Disney World

Mars Opening Date: August 15th, 2003

Earth Opening Date: August 13th, 2017

Mission Space is a modern simulator ride located in Future World in Epcot that simulates a journey through space.

It actually is two attractions held in one building, the intense Mars mission that is one of the most intense if not the most intense ride that Disney has ever made, and a much less intense Earth mission.

This ride uses much of the same technology utilized by actual space simulators used by astronauts on the intense version, making for a realistic and insane ride experience that can't be found anywhere else.

Thrill Rating (Mars) 10/10

This ride is the most intense ride in all of Walt Disney World. If you have any motion simulator issues you should not ride this ride. Be aware that some people have to sit down for extended periods after experiencing this or need to use the provided barf bags.

Thrill Rating (Earth) 1/10

This version could not be more different than the Mars mission. It barely moves at all, and you may be able to experience it even if you have had issues with other simulator attractions. It is located in a claustrophobic ride vehicle though.


Mission Space Ride Epcot Walt Disney World

Mission Space Exterior Future World Epcot Walt Disney World

Mission Space Queue Line Epcot Walt Disney World

Special Information

This ride used to feature Gary Sinise as the narrator as the ride was partially based on the Disney film Mission to Mars. There are still tributes to him throughout the ride.