The History of Gotham City Gauntlet at Six Flags New England

Amusement Park History

Gotham City Gauntlet Ride Entrance Sign Six Flags New England

Gotham City Gauntlet may appear at first glance to be just a lightly themed wild mouse roller coaster, but it actually has a complex history involving multiple other parks and another failed roller coaster in the same location.

Initially, this location was planned for a version of The Dark Knight coaster and it was even announced by Six Flags. Construction would begin in this spot on the Six Flags New England version of the ride in 2008, but problems would quickly arise.

The park did not have the proper permits to build the ride, leading to several issues with the construction. After several rounds of new permits and alterations to the rides design to meet local codes, the park determined the ride could no longer open in time to be worth building, and Six Flags canceled the ride.

What was already on site for the coaster was removed and sent to Six Flags Mexico where it was built and still operates to this day.

This left the location empty by this decision until 2011. Then Six Flags would move the former Road Runner Express attraction from the recently closed Kentucky Kingdom to the park under a new DC Comics-inspired theme.

Now themed after Batman villains, this ride is actually a mirror version of the coaster originally planned for this spot, although this version would be located outside and with less theming overall, but still more than most Six Flags roller coasters.

This ride is also interesting as the attraction located in its former location at Kentucky Kingdom before it was built in the original park, Flashback (known as Vampire originally) is also now found in Six Flags New England.

While relatively simple, this ride had a strange path to the park worth exploring.