10 Fun Facts About Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream Smokestack

The Disney Cruise Line is a popular cruise line run by Disney and featuring many of its iconic characters and entertainment quality.

Here are 10 fun facts about the ships and offerings on the Disney Cruise Line!

10. Ships

Disney Dream Cruise Ship At Nassau Bahamas Port Disney Cruise Line

The Disney Cruise Line currently has four active ships. They are the Dream, Magic, Wonder, and Fantasy.

9. New Ships

Disney Cruise Line also has three new ships on the way, including the Wish and two currently unnamed ships.

8. Water Coasters

AquaDuck Water Coaster Slide Disney Dream Disney Cruise Line

The Dream class of cruise ship has a water coaster slide onboard for guests to enjoy.

7. Port

Port Canaveral Disney Cruise Port Building

Disney Cruise Line has its own port terminal located in Port Canaveral themed to Disney characters.

6. Castaway Cay

Disney Dream From Castaway Cay Disney Cruise Line

The Disney Cruise Line has its own exclusive port of call, a private island known as Castaway Cay, full of Disney and beach fun.

5. Not The First "Disney" Cruise

Before the Disney Cruise Line existed, Disney characters could be seen aboard select Premier Cruises.

4. Horns

Disney Dream Swimming Pool Area At Night Disney Cruise Line

The horns of the ships of the Disney Cruise Line are designed to not only play sounds needed for safety and navigation, but also shortened versions of various Disney songs.

3. New Port

The Disney Cruise Line is currently in the process of developing another exclusive port for only Disney ships. Known as Lighthouse Point, this was one of the final projects worked on by Imagineer Joe Rhode before his retirement.

2. Godmothers

Disney Dream Elevator Sign Disney Cruise Line

Each cruise ship features its own Godmother, and they include both stars like Jennifer Hudson and Disney characters like Tinker Belle.

1. Special Color

Captain Jack Sparrow Stunt Disney Dream Cruise Ship

Each Disney cruise ship is painted a color specially designed by Disney to be appealing to the eye both up close and in the distance.


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