Electric Umbrella Restaurant Epcot Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Electric Umbrella Neon Sign Epcot Walt Disney World

The Electric Umbrella was a quick-service restaurant located in Epcot's Future World for much of the park's history.

With its central location and menu of various American comfort foods, this location was popular with families with small children and picky eaters as it held some more safe food offerings compared to the more adventurous choices around the World Showcase.

Menu Electric Umbrella Restaurant Future World Epcot Walt Disney World

Featuring a neon-filled design and indoor seating that spanned two floors, this restaurant was a good fit for Future World.

Electric Umbrella Outdoor Menu Future World Epcot Walt Disney World

The location also held a sizable outdoor seating area with wonderful views of Spaceship Earth and the Fountain of Nations.

This restaurant was a wonderful addition to the park, and it fit perfectly with the 90s and the early 2000s version of Epcot's Future World. But by the end of its existence, the Electric Umbrella no longer fit the park it was found in.

Electric Umbrella Entrance Epcot Future World Walt Disney World

The restaurant closed in February of 2020 to make way for a yet to open new restaurant in the park, that will surely feed and entertain guests for years to come.

Electric Umbrella was an underappreciated gem, and brought a lot of hidden charm to this small section of Future World.

Electric Umbrella Counter Future World Epcot Walt Disney World