Zebradome Review Boma Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Zebradome at Boma Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney has created numerous iconic and delicious deserts throughout the parks. But not all of them are found inside the parks.

One of the best dessert items at Walt Disney World is the Zebradome, a desert exclusive to several locations within Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.

It is a cream mousse topped with white chocolate and chocolate pieces, it is a perfect end to any day spent at the resort.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Lobby

This dessert is known as one of the many wonderful offerings at Boma, the buffet-style restaurant at the resort but it is not only found there. It is also found at a few shops throughout the hotel in takeout containers making it a snack you can take back to your room with you or even back home to have after your vacation.

It is a perfect consistency that practically melts in your mouth. The flavors blend making it one of the most complex and yet still delicious treats at Disney World.

Two Zebradomes Disney World Boma

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