Bacon Mac and Cheese Casey's Corner Hot Dog Review

Casey's Corner Bacon Mac and Cheese Hot Dog Disney World

Casey's Corner has some of the best hot dogs at Disney World and is one of the most family-friendly places to eat at the Magic Kingdom.

There are a ton of child-friendly offerings at this restaurant as well as a variety of items that adults will enjoy just as much.

One of the best offerings at this Main Street USA counter service location is the Bacon Mac and Cheese Hot Dog.

This combines the hot dogs of Casey's Corner, which are the best at the entire Walt Disney World Resort, with equally great mac and cheese and bacon topping it, serving as a great compliment to the main dish.

Many times when Disney does a dish combining several different elements there is an obvious weak link that brings the entire meal down because of it. This is not one of those. The mac and cheese alone could be considered one of the best of its kind at any Disney Park and it works well in conjunction with the bacon.

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