Disney's Hercules: Disney Plus Watch or Skip

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Hercules is one of the most famous greek myths of all time, and was turned into a brilliant Disney animated film, and subsequently a limited-run theatrical production.

Welcome to Disney Plus Watch or Skip where we review underappreciated classics available to watch now on Disney Plus. Today we are reviewing Disney's Hercules in celebration of a Disney's Magic Kingdoms event based on the film.

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The movie features one of the strongest and most consistent scores of any Disney movie. There is not a weak song in the film and the vocals are from some amazing singers, from Roger Bart as the titular wonder boy (singing only), to Susan Egan, who would later originate Belle on Broadway, as Megara, and a brilliant quintet of muses as narrators.

This film remains largely forgotten in the present and that is really a shame. The animation is Disney at its best, and it shows a lot of strengths from its era. It found a way to keep that classic Disney charm while modernizing itself with music and characters that were a bold departure from the rest of the Disney canon.

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This film has great messages about acceptance, empowerment, and overcoming adversity that make it a hilarious yet satisfying movie that is well worth your time. If you have never seen this film, you should make the time, it is a Disney musical not about a princess that is as timeless and relevant today as it was when it was made.

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