Lake Compounce Reopening July 6th, Passholder Previews Begin July 1st

Boulder Dash Lake Compounce

Lake Compounce has announced it is going to reopening to the public on July 6th following passholder preview days from July 1st through July 6th. We are going to have a reporter there on July 1st so be sure to check back on our Twitter and website then for more reporting on the social distancing policies of the park.

As is standard, face coverings and standard social distancing practices will be required for everyone visiting the park, and you need to reserve a specific day in advance to visit the park to ensure that capacity is being limited.

Lake Compounce has already altered many policies in advance of the reopening including extending season passes and dining passes through 2021.

They also delayed the planned new attraction for 2020, Venus Vortex, until 2021.

More information is to come on which attractions will be opening, although Lake Compunce has stated that not all rides will return.

Be sure to come back for a look at what Lake Compounce is going to look like once they reopen.