Disney Rides With Scenes As Controversial As Splash Mountain

Princess and the Frog Splash Mountain Retheme Concept Art

Disney has announced that Splash Mountain is going to be replaced by a Princess and the Frog dark ride amid a lot of controversy regarding its connection to Song of the South.

But if we are being completely honest there are a few other attractions with more problematic scenes in them that shouldn't be entirely replaced but ideally updated to remove racist imagery. Disney parks are constantly changing and have to keep up with current trends, and racist imagery being removed allows classic attractions to continue to exist and not have to be removed entirely like Splash Mountain.

Natives in Peter Pan's Flight

The Native American scene in Peter Pan is often regarded as one of the most openly offensive scenes in any Disney movie. It also could easily be removed. They are not important to the storyline of the ride and could easily be taken out or updated to appear in a less offensive manner than the current red man look from the original animated film.

Jungle Cruise

A lot of the appearances of natives in Jungle Cruise has similar problems to Splash Mountain, presenting an inaccurate look at other historic cultures as primitive and savage. Disney could approach this in a few ways. One is to take the approach the movie version appears to be taking, making these people be actors pretending to be savage for a tourist trap boat ride. This would even fit with the current theme. Also, Disney could just come up with a new scene to replace them, either featuring animals or a more accurate representation of jungle natives that was

Both of these two rides feature segments that aren't essential to the overall storyline that are nonetheless racist in isolation. If Disney is looking to make a change these are easy changes to make.