5 Broadway Musicals On Disney Plus

5 Broadway Musicals on Disney Plus

Disney Plus is home to countless classic films and TV shows, but also to several great musicals, both Disney and classic.

Here are 5 musicals on Disney Plus that are either filmed live performances or movies based on stage productions from Broadway or regional productions.


Newsies Broadway Musical

Newsies is a classic Disney musical that has two separate versions of it on Disney Plus. Both the original musical film and a filmed production of the stage version with the original Broadway leading cast are on Disney Plus.

Sound of Music

Sound of Music Disney Plus Logo

This is one of the most famous movie musicals of all time, and arguably made a bigger impact than the original Broadway production. It tells the story of a family and their Nun turned nanny who struggles to survive in Austria during the rise of the Nazis in the country. Based on a true story, it is heartfelt and features an iconic score without a weak song in the film.

Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly Title Screen Disney Plus

This is one of the most popular classic Broadway musicals of all time, and the movie remains as one of the most elaborate productions of the musical. With a stellar cast led by musical theater icon Barbra Streisand, it is certainly worth a watch. Also, it holds a modern relevance through its connections with the Pixar film WALLE.

Once Upon a Mattress

Once Upon a Mattress Disney Plus

This classic musical has seen many film adaptations over the years. The most recent adaptation is currently available to watch on Disney Plus, featuring the original star of the musical Carol Burnett taking on a new part. It is a great way to experience this show in a great modern rendition.

Freaky Friday (2018)

Disney developed their classic film Freaky Friday into a stage musical. After an out of town tryout, instead of bringing the musical to Broadway, they adapted it into a TV movie featuring a stellar cast, including Hedi Blickenstaff from the stage production. It is a great look at a musical that never made it to Broadway but still ended up being given a large audience.