Casey's Corner Corn Dog Nuggets Review Disney World

Corn Dog Nuggets Casey's Corner Disney World Magic Kingdom

Casey's Corner is one of the most popular restaurants in the Magic Kingdom. Themed based on classic baseball as well as Goofy shorts, it serves food you might expect at the concession stands at a baseball game.

As such, it deals mainly with hot dogs, fries, and corn dogs.

You can not get a traditional corndog here. No sticks, and no full-size corn dogs. But it does offer corn dog nuggets, a basket of small hot dog pieces encased in cornbread.

This is a great meal that is different than the burgers and chicken you will find at a majority of quick-service locations at the Disney Parks. These are the perfect proportion of cornbread to hotdog and both parts of the dish come together perfectly to create one of the best corn dogs available at a theme park.

The nugget form of the corn dogs makes it easier to eat, especially if you are walking around the park while eating them.

These nuggets are served in a meal with fries and cheese sauce for $9.99. It makes for a great, reasonably priced meal, and you should definitely check them out if you choose to eat at Casey's Corner.

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