Chocolate Ice Cream in a Waffle Cone L'Artisan des Glaces Review

Chocolate Ice Cream in Waffle Cone Epcot France L'Artisan des Glaces

Disney is famous for its food, and treats from all around the parks reach iconic status. But even underappreciated treats at the Disney Parks are well worth trying.

The France Pavilion in Epcot holds an ice cream shop holding frozen desserts that you cannot get anywhere else in Disney World. Most Disney restaurants all serve the same ice cream, and the sorbet and ice cream served at L'Artisan des Glaces are far superior than that served throughout the rest of the parks.

The chocolate flavor is rich and strong, greatly complemented by a waffle cone.

This is by far the best ice cream you can get at Disney World, and a great snack about halfway through the World Showcase that is easy to walk with as you explore the winding pathways of the France Pavilion or the neighboring Morocco and UK Pavilions. Any flavor is a good choice at this shop.

This is a great use of a snack credit if you are using the Disney Dining Plan (if it ever returns that is) and is a wonderful way to cool off a bit while walking around the World Showcase in the hot Florida summer sun.

Also for kids, it is one of the less adventurous treats you can get around World Showcase, making it a great option for any picky eaters you may be traveling with. Get the kids this while you try some of the more adventurous treats available around the World Showcase.

Be aware that there is very limited seating in this location, but there are some tables just outside and a lot of seating inside the neighboring bakery that you can sit and enjoy your ice cream at. But also feel free to go wander the area while enjoying your ice cream.

If you are tired from the same deserts being sold at every stand throughout the Disney Parks, this shop is a welcome surprise, and you should make a stop here on your next trip around the world.