Chicken Little Blow Up Disney's MGM Studios

Chicken Little Giant Inflatable Disney World

Disney will typically do something special to promote upcoming films in their parks. For most new movies this involves a few meet and greets and the characters from the new film showing up in temporary positions in parades, stage shows, and maybe the finale boat of Fantasmic.

But Chicken Little did something...different.

On top of the normal promotional things in the Disney Parks that would happen with any new movie, Disney also created massive Chicken Little inflatables in both Disney's California Adventure and Disney's MGM Studios.

This was received a bit controversially as was the entire movie. The inflatables were a bit creepy and the film was not received well, generally now being considered one of the worst Disney films of all time. This inflatable did not exactly make the character look good, and it is often mocked by Disney fans to this day for how creepy it was towering over the park.

In Disney California Adventure it was visible from the Esplanade and in Disney MGM Studios (now Disney's Hollywood Studios) it appeared over the building for Playhouse Disney Live On Stage, being visible from the hub of the park. The mural on the Disney MGM Studios building was also altered so a piece of the sky was missing.

Chicken Little and Abby Mallard Characters Disney World

Did you ever see the Chicken Little inflatable at the Disney Parks? Share your memories of this temporary promotional addition in the comments below!