5 Things That SHOULD Be On Disney Plus

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Disney Plus has been a massive success since it launched, with the overwhelming critical success of early originals from the Mandalorian and The Imagineering Story to its recent ability to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic.

But it is not perfect, and missing a lot of things made by Disney that really should be there.

So we are going to list 5 things that are at least partially owned by Disney or made by them that are not on Disney Plus that should be. We are not including things that have a currently announced release date on Disney Plus that are not yet on the service.

The Muppet Show

Muppets Parade Float Kermit and Miss Piggy Disney's Hollywood Studios

This is one of the biggest omissions. Disney has most of the Muppet movies on the service and a Muppet original series coming soon, but the original Muppet Show that started it all is almost missing entirely from the modern world. It is on no streaming service, and due to rumored issues with the music rights in the series it likely never will be. This is a shame as it would give Disney Plus another binge watchable legacy show that was fun for the whole family.

Disneyland (TV Show)

This was Disney's first adventure into television, and while many individual episodes are on the service, notably Disneyland Around the Seasons and the Plausible Impossible, the series has way more that should be on the service. Each episode is a look back in time at Walt Disney himself and how the company was changing over time. It chronicled in real time the development of Disneyland in its first two decades as well as other developments in the company.

Bear In The Big Blue House

This was one of the early Disney series on Playhouse Disney. Made in a joint venture between Jim Henson Television and Disney it was a massive success and is continued to be remembered fondly to this day. At its height, it had a significant presence in two Disney Parks. Yet it is not available to watch anywhere today online or on home video. This really is its natural home and yet it does not appear it will be available there any time soon.

MCU Spiderman Movies

Pretty much the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is on Disney Plus, except for a few exceptions. One of the biggest is the MCU Spiderman films, which are missing due to their primary owner being Sony, not Disney, despite Disney helping to control their storylines. It is a real glaring omission for any Marvel fan to be missing one of its most famous superheroes.

The Sweatbox

The Emperor's New Groove is unique as a Disney film, and for all the right reasons. It broke every Disney convention and ended up as one of the most hilarious films in the Disney canon. But the production of the movie was also one of the most difficult, with the film coming within inches of not getting made, and essentially being entirely rewritten. Notably, entire songs prewritten for the original version were cut entirely out of the film, despite being very good songs on their own.

How do we know this?

Because there was a documentary made about it in real-time, recording every detail, good or bad. But because it is owned by Disney, it hasn't really been shown to the public. A real shame for a documentary that scores 100% on Rotten Tomatoes about the creation of a Disney film to be so inaccessible.

What do you want Disney to put on Disney Plus? Let us know in the comments below!