Universal Orlando Coronavirus Guide

Coronavirus Guides

Krustyland Universal Orlando Simpsons Ride

Universal Orlando has reopened following the coronavirus and a lot has changed at the park following the closures. We are going to take you through all of the changes to help you plan a trip to the park abiding to all the new rules.

Below is a guide split up into sections on all the new rules, systems, and entertainment in place as the park reopens.

New Rules

Universal Orlando

One thing to be prepared for when the parks open is a variety of new rules throughout the entire resort.

First and foremost, you are required to wear a facemask throughout the park except in designated areas.

Before you enter you will be subjected to a temperature check.

Closed Attractions

Revenge of the Mummy Entrance Universal Orlando

Pretty much the entire park has reopened, but a few things closed for safety. Below is a list of experiences that are unavailable for the indefinite future:

Curious George Goes to Town

Fievel's Playland

Virtual Line

Diagon Alley At Night Universal Orlando

A variety of attractions have been using virtual lines to allow for easier social distancing. The system is run through the app and works similar to Disney's Fastpass. You enter a virtual line and when it is your turn you are given a code to scan.

You can be in a maximum of two virtual lines at a time.

What's New

No new attractions have opened up, but it is appearing that the Bourne show is getting close to opening.

A new stage has been set up near the horror makeup show and is being used for meet and greet like experiences and small shows.

U-Rest Areas

Universal has set up rest areas throughout the park to give people a place to 

Other Changes

Characters are now wearing face masks when they meet guests, and only meeting with them from a distance.

Stay Safe

Be sure to stay safe if you are heading to the parks, and have a great time, you've earned it!