Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Disneyland Vs. Disney World

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is part of the Disney mountain range, and each version of the classic attraction has a few unique elements. 

Here at Disneyland Vs. Disney World we compare what version of classic Disney attractions is the superior version. Today we are looking at which is the best version of Big Thunder Mountain.

We are going to do that by looking at what is unique about each version.

Magic Kingdom Version

The Magic Kingdom version features an almost entirely inside queue line, which allows for additional details and backstory.

It also features multiple exclusive scenes, including a western town that makes it feel of a more extensive scale than other versions.

The most significant difference is that it feels rougher than the Disneyland version. It is a matter of personal preference which is better, but some say this adds to the runaway mine train feel of the attraction.

This version also currently features the original effects for the third lift hill, unfortunately, which are constantly breaking down and even when functioning never created as impressive of an effect as intended.

Disneyland Version

The Disneyland version of Big Thunder features an identical layout to the Magic Kingdom version, but it is themed based on a different mountain range.

The queue is located outside beneath the track providing great views of the end of the attraction. It is the only entirely outdoor queue line for any version of the ride in the world, making it something special, and a great way to get photos of the final splashdown of the ride.

Inside the show scenes are a few updated effects, most notably inside the final lift hill which features a completely reimagined final scene utilizing projection mapping to create an active mine tunnel that is on the brink of being carved out by explosives. This has yet to be added to the Disney World version.

It is also a lot smoother than the Disney World version, having been retracted.

It also has the advantage that you can walk around three sides of it, giving you many different angles into the attraction.


Big Thunder Splashdown Disneyland


The much better finale and smoother experience more than make up for the extra details in the Magic Kingdom version.

So which is your favorite version of the wildest ride in the wilderness? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!