10 Fun Facts About Matterhorn Bobsleds

Matterhorn Bobsleds is one of the most historically significant rides at the Disney Parks, and it remains a fully immersive attraction to this day.

Today we are sharing 10 fun facts about this attraction.

1. Walt's First Ride

Matterhorn Bobsleds Disneyland

On Walt Disney's own first ride through the Matterhorn was before the brakes were installed on the attraction.

2. The Ride is 147 Feet Tall

This makes it one of the tallest attractions at Disneyland.

3. 1st Disney Roller Coaster

This was the first time Disney brought a roller coaster to a Disney Park, something Walt himself initially resisted.

4. Speed

This ride reaches a speed of 27 MPH, making it one of the slowest roller coasters at Disneyland.

5. Real-Life Inspiration

This ride was inspired by both the actual Matterhorn mountain in Switzerland, as well as the Disney film Third Man On The Mountain, which took place on the mountain.

6. First Steel Coaster

This was the first modern steel coaster, being a revolution of innovation that would lead to all the thrilling steel thrill rides in parks around the world that we enjoy today.

7.  Skyway

The Skyway, a former Disney attraction, used to pass through this attraction giving great views of the coaster and the land around it.

8.  The Christmas star

For a few years in the 1970s, each Christmas a star was placed at the top of the mountain to celebrate the holiday season. 

9. Developer

This ride was designed by the now-defunct company Arrow Development, the creator of many early rides at Disneyland.

10. High Mountain

Matterhorn Bobsleds With Monorail Passing By Disneyland

This mountain is the highest point in Disneyland Park.