All Star Sports Room Tour

Disney World Resorts

All-Star Sports is one of Disney's biggest resorts and is perfect for any sports fan traveling to Walt Disney World.

Being a value resort, there are not a large number of amenities in the room but there are two beds, an up to date TV, and a safe.

There is a slight shortage of outlets in this room as this was designed and built in the time before smartphones, so be aware of that before you stay here.

The bed is about what you would expect for the price, by no means uncomfortable but not the best bed you have ever slept on.

This is not a luxurious room by any means, but it is often the cheapest way to stay in the "Disney Bubble" on your trip to Walt Disney World.

This room is perfect for a family of four to stay in and is themed creatively to Disney characters so you feel like you are in Disney from the moment you wake up through the moment you fall asleep at night after a long day at the Disney

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