10 Fun Facts About Splash Mountain

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Splash Mountain Disneyland Drop

Splash Mountain is the newest mountain in the Disney mountain range at both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom. So we are sharing 10 fun facts about Splash Mountain.

This new series will focus on a different Disney ride in every article. There will be 10 facts on each ride per article. This weeks ride is Splash Mountain in Disneyland and Disney World! 

1. Brer Rabbit's Voice Actor

Jess Harnell, known to Disney fans as the voice of Roger Rabbit also voices Brer Rabbit in Splash Mountain.

2. America Sings Animatronics

Most of the animatronics were taken from America Sings, a rotating theater attraction similar to Carousel of Progress in Disneyland.

3. Song of The South

The famous ride was based on a movie called Song of The South. This movie is not available anywhere in the US to watch because of the outdated and inaccurate approach to slavery that has caused Disney to keep it permanently in their vault.

4. Animatronics

There is a different number of animatronics in each version Disneyland has 103 and Disney World has 68.

5. The drop

The drop is a total of 52.5 ft tall.

6. Number of drops

There is a different number of drops in each version of the ride. There are five drops in Disney World and only 3 in Disneyland.

7. A Land Was Renamed For Splash Mountain 

Bear Country at Disneyland was renamed in advance of Splash Mountain to its current name, Critter Country.

8. Zip-A-Dee River Run

The originally proposed name for this attraction was not Splash Mountain, but Zip-A-Dee River Run.

9. Where It Is In The Park

The attraction is located in a different named land in each park it is located in.

10. Connections to the 1990 Movie Splash

The ride was named Splash Mountain in part to give it synergy with the film Splash, that Micahel Eisner was attempting to promote at the time.