Mohegan Sun Casino Social Distancing In Practice

Mohegan Sun Building

Mohegan Sun casino recently reopened with tons of new social distancing guidelines to keep guests at the casino safe while visiting the restaurants, shops, and gambling locations safe.

One of our reporters was there opening day to check out the social distancing measures around the public areas in the casino and in the restaurants.

Welcome Back to Mohegan Sun Sign

As you enter the casino area it is immediately clear that things have changed with billboards displaying new welcome back messages.

Mohegan Sun Valet Closed Parking Garage

As you enter the garage you see that things have changed as the garage is no longer offering valet parking. The first of many changes to operations as a result of the coronavirus.

Mohegan Sun Social Distancing Marker

There are markings all over the casino marking where to stand to maintain safe social distancing.

On top of this, face masks are now required, and smoking inside, a norm for most casinos, has been banned for the immediate future. Temperature scanners have been employed at the entrance to attempt to stop sick people from entering the building.

Krispy Kreme Seating Is Closed Sign Mohegan Sun

Inside dining has also been banned in most locations, with restaurants becoming take out only. Here you see signs showing the tables closed at the main Krispy Kreme location in the casino.

Mohegan Sun Outside Dining Coronavirus

To counter this, tables have been set up outside to give people a place to eat food from the restaurants inside. Above you see tables set up between some of the parking garages.

Krispy Kreme Mohegan Sun Casino Social Distancing

People, for the most part, seemed to be following the rules and hopefully, more restaurants and shops in the casino are able to open safely soon.

At the moment only people from Connecticut and Rhode Island are being asked to visit the casino, and people under 21 and from out of those two states are being asked to refrain from visiting for the near future.

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