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Iguanodon Statue Dinosaur Disney's Animal Kingdom

Opening Date: April 22nd, 1998

Dinosaur is one of the most thrilling attractions at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Featuring an unauthorized voyage back in time to save a dinosaur from extinction, it features thrills and some of the scariest scenes in any ride at Walt Disney World.

This ride is patially inspired by the Disney animated film Dinosaur but you do not need to watch the movie to enjoy the ride. It tells an entirely original story with only one returning character.

This ride features a fun cast of original characters and the perfect amount of cheesiness to create a fun experience.

Be sure to pay intention in the queue line as there are many fun and informative details as you wait for the attraction.


Ride POV

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Thrill Rating 8/10

While this is not a coaster it is a pretty intense hybrid between a dark ride and a motion simulator. The entire ride is in the dark and it features multiple frightening scenes.


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Special Information

This ride shares an identical layout with Indiana Jones Adventure in Disneyland.