Tarzan's Treehouse Vs Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse: Disneyland Vs Disney World

Treehouse walk through attractions have been a staple of the Disney Parks since near the begining, and since then there have been two main versions of the attraction. The original based on Swiss Family Robinson and the modern reimagining based on Disney's Tarzan.

So today we are comparing Disneyland's Tarzan's Treehouse and Swiss Family Treehouse at the Magic Kingdom in this entry in our ongoing series Disneyland Vs Disney World.

First let us look at the Swiss Family Treehouse. Based on the Disney classic film Swiss Family Robinson. This film recreates the treehouse from that film in great detail, with the music from the movie spread throughout the treehouse.

If you have ever seen the film it recreates multiple moments from the movie, on top of providing great views of the rest of the Magic Kingdom.

The Tarzan version in Disneyland attempts to convert its Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse into a Tarzan themed experience without any major changes to the actual layout of the attraction.

It benefits from an unobstructed bridge that provides great views of the surrounding area unobstructed by trees.

Where it falls behind is in the scenes. Many moments from the film are recreated, but many fall flat due to their cheap effects. They are created with plastic figures, and no actual animatronics.


Disney World

While based on a less relevant movie, the execution is just a lot better.

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