Mary Poppins Disney Character Tribute

Mary Poppins Character Disney's Hollywood Studios

Mary Poppins is a significant figure in Disney history. She represents the transition of Disney into being a company that not only made world-class animated films but also as the maker of amazing live-action films.

Welcome to Disney Character Tribute where we look at meetable characters in the Disney Parks from the past and present. Today we are looking at Mary Poppins.

Most characters you meet in the Disney Parks are from Disney's many animated films, and there are very few exceptions to this rule. The charming Mary Poppins is one of those rare but wonderful exceptions to this rule.

Mary Poppins Character Main Street USA Disney World

Mary is found in a large number of parks, including Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Epcot.

Mary Poppins Cinderella Castle Magic Kingdom

She mainly appears in her classic white and red dress, although she rarely appears in a winter outfit as well.

Mary Poppins Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade Disney World

Mary has appeared in parades in different outfits over the years, transporting you to different moments in the classic musical film.