A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes Voices of Liberty Epcot

The Voices of Liberty are one of the longest-lasting performance groups at Epcot, performing throughout the years in various locations in the American Adventure pavilion mainly inside the rotunda of the main building of the pavilion.

They sing a variety of songs from the history of America, from classic folk songs to modern classics, to Disney music that has become a larger part of the American songbook.

Everything they perform has that same signature style, and that is true of this performance of A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, from Disney's Cinderella.

This performance is enhanced by the acoustics of the American Adventure Rotunda making for an amazing performance you can only get at Disney World.

We don't know when the Voices of Liberty will return following the Coronavirus, but let us take this time to appreciate them and what they added to the Disney Parks. A unique musical style interpreting a wide variety of music.