What to Know If Traveling to Hong Kong Disneyland During the Outbreak

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There is currently a growing outbreak of the coronavirus throughout China that has caused Shanghai Disneyland to close both the park and its daily theater performances. But meanwhile, Hong Kong Disneyland remains open, at least for now.

So here's what you should know if you have any plans to travel to Hong Kong Disneyland during this outbreak.

First, if you can cancel your plans or reschedule, you should, but this may not be an option for everyone. Understand this disease is dangerous and make sure you understand just what you are getting yourself into before you visit the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

Below is our guide for if you are traveling to the resort, what you should know about the virus, and its impacts on the offerings at Hong Kong Disneyland.

The Disease

This disease is contagious so you should be constantly avoiding anyone who appears sick, and after your visit, if you start showing symptoms see a doctor IMMEDIATELY. 

You should also avoid animals and uncooked meat while in Hong Kong.

If your immune system is compromised at all, DO NOT GO. I cannot stress this enough.

For more official information on the disease check out the Travel Advisory for China.

The Park

So far the only major effect on the park is that face characters are not meeting guests. That means no princesses, princes or anyone that can actually talk to you. If that is an important part of your trip then be aware it will not be available to you.

Finally, be aware that the park is likely to announce a closure. Shanghai Disneyland already has and if the disease spreads closer to the park than it is highly likely it will not remain open.

You are taking a risk visiting the park right now, so be safe.

This article will be continually updated as more information is released, so check back if you are still visiting the park.