A Look Back On Waitress

Waitress Stage On Broadway

Last year when Be More Chill closed we did a retrospective look on the show because of its unique journey to Broadway. It became one of our most successful Theater Thursdays ever and so we thought we'd bring the same treatment to more long-running shows when they wrapped up their Broadway run. That means starting with the next long-running show that is closing on Broadway, Waitress.

Waitress Stage Door On Broadway

Waitress opened back in 2015, and despite not winning a single Tony Award (it was up against Hamilton) it still made an impact on Broadway and became the second longest-running show from that season.

This show had tons of great stars grace the stage during its run for limited time stints in its main roles, and even in some of the supporting roles. Actors and actresses from Jeremy Jordan and Katherine McPhee to the composer Sara Bareilles stepping into roles amidst over 2 dozen other significant actors.

Jessie Mueller Waitress Marquee On Broadway

This show took advantage of its pie diner setting, selling a variety of pies in the theater both on Broadway and on tour around the US.

This musical launched a number of significant international productions of the musical and it is still touring the US.

Waitress is a great musical and it will be missed on Broadway. Let us hope that this isn't the last music Sara Bareilles writes.