Space Mountain 45th Anniversary

The Disney mountain range began with the Matterhorn in the original Disneyland, but the next mountain wouldn't come in that same park, or even as a traditional mountain. The next mountain would instead take you to space.

Space Mountain was an idea from Walt Disney himself, but he was unable to see it completed in his lifetime due to a lack of technology and space in the original Disneyland. It would eventually be added as the first thrill ride in the Magic Kingdom.

It has since had a different version of the attraction installed in all but one of the Disney Resorts worldwide.

The original version, however, remains unique in its track layout and the Peoplemover traveling through it, which also gives us a chance to look at the track if you hop aboard when the ride has broken down.

This ride and its two parallel tacks have been bringing joy to guests for the last 45 years and it remains one of the more popular rides at the park.

Be sure to take a ride on Space Mountain on your next trip to the Magic Kingdom.