Is HarmonioUS Being Delayed? Epcot Forever Extended?

UPDATE: In an article posted on Disney Parks Blog on January 6th running through summer discounts Epcot Forever is mentioned exclusively as the fireworks show at Epcot. This once again points at HarmonioUS not premiering until after the summer season.

There have been some rumors about Epcot Forever sticking around longer than its originally announced Spring 2020 end date and that the permanent Epcot fireworks show HarmonioUS is currently facing delays.

Then recent press releases from Walt Disney World have changed how they are referring to HarmonioUS and its potential opening date from originally referring to it as opening in Spring 2020 to recently referring to it as merely opening in 2020.

A similar series of events happened before Disney announced a delay in the opening of the Disney's Hollywood Studios version of Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway. In that instance, the delay was announced as a part of a larger more splashy announcement, and that will be what happens here if HarmonioUS has actually been delayed.

We discuss all of these rumors more in-depth in the video above.

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