History of Disneyland's Snow White's Scary Adventures

Snow White's Scary Adventures Facade Disneyland

Snow White was the first full length animated film produced by Disney, and it was only natural for it to be the basis for an opening day attraction at Disneyland in 1955. That same ride has gone through a lot of changes over the years, and it is about to undergo even more. We're going to take you through a history of changes to the attraction through the upcoming ones.

The ride opened up under a different name, Snow White and Her Adventures. It looked a lot different than its current incarnation both inside and out.

The outside was not the stone facade the attraction has today, but instead a more carnival-like tent building, not complimenting the attraction inside.

Inside of the attraction, you would not find any figures of Snow White herself. Like the other opening day Fantasyland dark rides, you were supposed to be reenacting Snow White's story. This led to a take on the story that was frightening to many children with its dark scenes and frightening scenery, and especially, no happy ending.

The ride did not receive universal appraise and this led to a few changes to the attraction. It had to have a sign outside warning guests of its scary theming. Despite its theme featuring child-friendly characters it was by no means made for kids.

The 1983 new Fantasyland project led to many changes in the attraction that continued to operate in early 2020.

First, we got the current exterior, with the Evil Queen peering down from above as you enter the attraction.

The actual ride itself pretty much was entirely rebuilt in the process. The most major change was incorporating Snow White into the attraction and a Happily Ever After scene at the end. By scene, I mean a glorified painting.

All of the other scenes in this update got a major facelift to be just generally less scary. Despite this, the ride was still renamed to its current name, Snow White's Scary Adventures to warn parents of young children of its toned down but still somewhat terrifying theme.

This version has persisted pretty much without any changes since it opened in 1983.

Snow White's Scary Adventures Disneyland 2020 Concept Art Happy Ending

On January 7th this version of the ride will close for a refurbishment that will drastically alter the final few scenes of the attraction, finally giving the ride a real Happily Ever After scene with the prince. Based on the concept art released so far, it looks as if everything from the end of the forest onward is going to be replaced. It will also be renamed (again).

Snow White's Scary Adventures True Loves Kiss Concept Art Disneyland 2020

This version of the ride has been the one gusts have enjoyed for over three and a half decades, and while it will be exciting to see some updates, and the ending of the ride has always seemed off, it is sad to see some classic scenes disappear forever. At least we still have the Disneyland Paris version of the ride which is a near-identical replica of the 1983 Disneyland version of the ride. For now at least.

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