Delayed Poppins and HarmonioUS Weekly Rumor Update

We have gotten a lot of information since the last rumor update almost a month ago so let's just dive right in.

Mary Poppins Delayed?

A Mary Poppins attraction was announced at D23, and while pretty much every other project announced has begun construction, this one has not had any noticeable progress.

Now this project has been in a constant state of turmoil through the development stage, with multiple IPs being tossed around and multiple different projects being designed for each IP. It is possible Disney still hasn't decided which Mary Poppins project they are building.

Rumors indicated Disney was deciding between a low budget dark ride and a high budget carousel, with the announcement leading people to assume the lower cost option (the carousel) was chosen. But the longer we wait the more likely that things change.

Or this could always be a repeat of the Main Street Theater project where it is informally canceled, but I wouldn't expect that for something this high profile.

HarmonioUS Delayed, Epcot Forever Extended?

All references to HarmonioUS on Disney official websites have changed from saying it will be opening in Spring 2020, to just 2020.