The Last Original Ride Added to Each Disney Park Around the World

Mission Space Facade Night Epcot Disney World

It seems nowadays we only get new rides based on pre-existing properties in the parks. Original rides like Haunted Mansion and Expedition Everest are fewer in number with increasingly long periods of time in between them. So we here at Theme Parks and Entertainment decided to figure out when the last original attraction was added to each Disney Park around the world and sort them from the most recent to the longest since the park has received an original attraction.

First a couple of ground rules. Refurbishments of rides where the attraction remained basically the same don't count, which disqualifies things like Soarin Around the World. Finally, temporarily returning attractions do not count, which disqualifies the Captain Eo Tribute.

Tokyo DisneySea (2019)

Soaring Fantastic Flight Poster Tokyo DisneySea

The most recent park to receive a new original attraction was Tokyo DisneySea. Mediterranean Harbor received a version of Soarin called Soaring Fantastic Flight themed to the Society of Explorers and Adventurers that ties the lands of the park together. It features an original ending and preshows different than any other version in the world.

Shanghai Disneyland (2016)

Soarin Over the Horizon Shanghai Disneyland Map

Opening day was the last time any original ride opened at Shanghai Disneyland. On this day though, three original rides opened.

First was Soarin Over the Horizon, which is pretty much the same Soarin Around the World from other Disney Resorts around the world.

Roaring Rapids opened as one of the best rapids rides in any Disney Park. It also became the first of the Disney mountains to be a rapids ride. It features a monster inside the mountain that you come in close contact with on your journey through Adventure Isle.

Jet Packs Shanghai Disneyland Map

The final original ride that opened with the park was the Jet Packs attraction. It was a spin on the classic Astro Orbitor attraction, which gave the ride unique jet pack inspired vehicles in place of the 1950s space-age style rockets from previous versions of the attraction.

Hong Kong Disneyland (2013)

This park's most recent original attraction is the great Mystic Manor trackless dark ride. It features a spin on the classic Haunted Mansion respectful of traditional Chinese beliefs. It uses an enchanted music box in place of the ghosts and features a loveable monkey, Albert, as your guide of sorts through the manor.

Disney California Adventure (2012)

The most recent US original attraction came as part of the transformation of Disneyland's second park that all came together in the 2012 rededication of the park. As part of the creation of Buena Vista Street, the Red Car Trolley attraction was added. It may just be transportation but it is still an IP free addition to the park.

Disney's Animal Kingdom (2006)

The last original attraction at Disney's Animal Kingdom is also the most recent original attraction added to Walt Disney World itself, Expedition Everest. It added the first real thrill attraction to the park, and a much needed additional ride. But after this, there was a period where not much was added to the Disney Parks in the US, followed by the current period of massive IP expansion.

Epcot (2005)

The last new original attraction at Epcot was Soarin in 2005. This brought a clone of the Disney California Adventure attraction to the park, bringing the first and thus far only ride from that park to Walt Disney World. This will be changing soon though, as Awesome Planet has been announced for the Harvest Theater in The Land pavilion, giving the park a brand new original film. Once it opens this will become the newest Disney Park to receive an original attraction, and the first Disney World park to get one since Expedition Everest.

Walt Disney Studios Park (2002)

Once again this park only featured original attractions from when it opened. It opened with two original attractions, one of which is still operating today. Now, both do feature some intellectual properties, but the attractions themselves are original concepts and the IP is not essential to the experience.

The first was the Moteurs... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular. This is the same show that was later added to Disney's Hollywood Studios. It is a 40-minute stunt show performed multiple times a day.

The final attraction was the Studio Tram Tour, which was a shorter version of the same ride from Disney's Hollywood Studios. This will soon be rethemed into a Cars ride as part of the transformation of the park, but it was not originally themed to the Cars franchise.

Disney's Hollywood Studios (1999)

Sounds Dangerous Disney World Attraction Fan Art

Disney's Hollywood Studios has never really been known for its original attractions, mainly earning a reputation for the park where literally any movie can fit in somewhere. But in 1999 it got an original attraction in Sounds Dangerous. This show featured a large amount of time in the dark where you would just hear random sound effects. It was not popular.

Magic Kingdom (1995)

It has been over twenty years since the last original attraction at the Magic Kingdom. The last non-IP ride was ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter, which was the attraction where Stitch's Great Escape is (was?) today. It was at least partially inspired by the Alien franchise and gave Disney its only R rated attraction to date. Even though the attraction was actually pretty good, it's horror level led to its ultimate failure and replacement.

Disneyland Paris (1994)

Disneyland Paris has not seen a lot of original attractions. Its last one was the Storybook Canal Boats added only a few years after its opening. This is mainly because the resort itself did not see much investment after opening due to its initial financial struggles. There's always the chance for more now that Disney is investing in the resort again.

What park would you like to see get an original attraction? Let us know which and where in the comments!