All New Footage Revealed of Flying Spiderman Animatronic Coming to Disney California Adventure

We had heard rumors about unique meet and greet experiences with Marvel superheros that would be coming to Avengers Campus this summer, but we just got out first look at a truely daw dropping character experience coming to Disney California Adventure.

Flying Disney Spiderman Animatronic Avengers Campus First Look

Disney has just given us a first look at a flying Spiderman Audio Animatronic similar to the one we saw in The Imagineering Story.

I cannot wait to see this in person as it may be the single most impressive animatronic Disney has ever built, move over Navi River Journey.

Avengers Campus Logo Coming Summer 2020 Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Are you excited by this new animatronic? Let us know what you think about this new technology in the comments below!