Disney Magic Kingdoms To Announce Lady and the Tramp Valentines Day Update

Lady and the Tramp Disney Magic Kingdoms Game Livestream Announcement

Disney Magic Kingdoms has announced through clues on social media that there is going to be a special Valentine's Day-themed update.

For Valentines Day Disney Magic Kingdoms is going to be adding Lady and the Tramp characters to the game. No characters have been specifically announced yet but Lady and Tramp seem to be the obvious choices.

No word on what kind of event or permanent content these characters will be added as yet, but they have announced a Livestream that will announce more information on Friday, January 31st. We will be posting a summary of everything announced in that Livestream as soon as it ends at around 1:30PM EST tomorrow.

Are you excited for this update? If you could add any Disney characters to the game for Valentine's Day who would they be? Let us know in the comments below!