Review: On The Wings of Keeradaks: Star Wars The Clone Wars The Final Season Episode 3

Saving Echo On the Wings of Keeradaks Star Wars The Clone Wars

Star Wars The Clone Wars is back, this week with all-new episode On the Wings of Keeradaks bringing the revitalized series into new formats.

As we near the end of the first storyline of the season the show reinvents itself into a prison break, removing most of the action, but giving us an added sense of tension and more time with the characters, old and new.

From this point on the review will be split into spoiler-free and spoiler sections.

Spoiler Free

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We continue with the same crew from the previous two episodes, now in the escape part of their rescue plan.

While the new villains of the episode do not have the same level of intrigue as more popular villains from the series like Ventress or Darth Maul, they are serviceable enough as a warden like figure for the prison break format.

The episode does give us what is likely the most visually impressive fighting scene yet in the revisited series near the end of the episode that brings The Bad Batch, Captain Rex, and Anakin Skywalker into battle together once again. It also gives us a much less impressive fight scene later on that does show us new capabilities of the Bad Batch.

Spoiler Warning

Anakin Skywalker and the Bad Batch On The Wings of Keeradaks Star Wars The Clone Wars

The majority of this episode is spent with the team having to escape the enemy base they broke into in the last episode, this time with Echo in tow. During this time we hear from Echo for the first time, learning his side of what happened, and that the information flow when his battle plans were stolen went two ways, allowing him to learn the tricks of his captors. This leads to a daring escape through the bowels of the enemy base.

This part of the episode ends in a visually stunning battle scene up in the air that is one of the best of the new season so far, however short it might be. It uses its setting to its advantage and provides a great conclusion to the prison break style portion of the episode.

It is then followed by a low light battle scene using relatively little technology for the series (especially the prequel time period) similar to one in an episode of the first season of The Mandalorian. It is nowhere near as visually impressive as that one and lacks any of the same excitement.

As the episode comes to a close we see the stages set for what will surely be the conclusion of this arc of the final season.

This may not have been the best episode of the series, but it did give us more time with the characters we have grown to love over the years, and see Rex reunited with one of his fallen comrades, correcting at least one of the wrongs from his time as a captain in the rebel army.