Nostalgic 25th Anniversary Walt Disney World Planning Guide

Cinderella Castle Cake Concept Art Walt Disney World

While we wait for the Disney Parks to reopen let us relive our past Disney World memories with a look at an old VHS planning guide from the 25th-anniversary celebration of the Walt Disney World Resort.

This guide advertises a lot of attractions that no longer exist at the park.

Legend of the Lion King Magic Kingdom Disney World

In the Magic Kingdom section, we see tributes to many former attractions from the park. Legend of the Lion King gets a specific shoutout.

The Timekeeper Animatronic Tomorrowland Magic Kingdom

New Tomorrowland is showcased including the then-new attraction, The Timekeeper.

Ellen and Bill Nye Ellens Energy Adventure Epcot

The Epcot section is pretty much a tribute to a park that no longer exists as almost everything being showcased is no longer in the park.

The lost Ellens Energy Adventure is one of the exciting new rides you can now experience.

Body Wars Simulation Epcot Ride Disney World

Body Wars is showcased as the first real thrill rides in the park, with a simulated version of the ride vehicle.

The Magic of Disney Animation Disney MGM Studios Sign

Disney Studios (not being referred to as it's then name Disney's MGM Studios) is also a weird experience as almost nothing remains from this period of the park. Through this section, you can relive the glory days of when the park was an active studio before its modern redesign.

Overview Disney's MGM Studio Tour WDW 25th Anniversary

Relive your memories of the studio tour and remember the past of this park.

This video gives a wonderful look into Walt Disney World in the mid-1990s and what made each of the parks special during that period. It also features a lot of really cringey moments (there's a really weird moment at 17:50, seriously) that are really strange.

If you are looking for an escape from the stress of your life at the moment, or relive your retro Walt Disney World memories, check out this classic Walt Disney World vacation planning video.