Rumors How to Train Your Dragon Land Coming to Universal's Epic Universe

Let's take a look at the most mysterious land in the concept art for the (what we think is a) How To Train Your Dragon themed land coming to Universal's Epic Universe when it opens.

This land will be near the entrance of the land and will probably be the equivalent of Seuss Landing in the park, a kind of Fantasylandesque kids themed area based on the popular franchise.

This land will probably feature a series of flat rides and basic off the shelf attractions similar to Universal's existing child themed lands like Super Silly Funland in Universal Studios Hollywood, KidZone in Universal Studios Orlando, and the aforementioned Seuss Landing. I compare it to Seuss Landing as I expect the scale and budget to be more in line with that than two lands than the lower budget Kidzone and Super Silly Funland.

Also, I would not expect the same level of immersion to be present in this land as all three other main lands in the park. It is aimed at a lower age group, but it will still be more immersive than something like KidZone.

Universal's Epic Universe Dueling Coaster Concept Art

Finally, whatever that coaster is above the land, it is not a part of this land. The entrance is more from the center hub of the park, not the kids land.

So what will it include?

Now I would guess they are hiding something considering this is the only land with something cut out of the concept art. This could be anything, but I would expect it to be the main attraction. Rumors indicate this to be a family coaster on the level of the recent hit, Harid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. That sounds amazing, and I can't think of a better way to recreate the flying experience than on a coaster.

But apparently, there is a chance of a second non-flat ride attraction. It will probably be some kind of immersive dark ride maybe including water, as at the moment there would be no water ride in the entire park. In fact, in a lower resolution, wider version of the concept art appears to show a water attraction.

Finally, that same version of the concept art features what appears to be two show buildings, one of which is small and likely a simulator. The other is massive and likely a theater.

But whatever is hidden, I would expect it to obviously reveal the theme of the land, likely leading to it being cut from the concept art. As I already discussed earlier here Universal removed the vibrant colors from the Super Nintendo World artwork to try and mislead people as they did not want to reveal the themes of each land. This was almost definitely the same type of move.

How To Train Your Dragon Attraction Station Concept Art Universal's Epic Universe

Other than that we know it will feature some kind of Peoplemover meets Pterodactyl Flyers like attraction throughout the land. You can see a track originating from the station above that snakes through the land. Hopefully, this will be more accessible than its Jurassic cousin that is only available to small children.

How To Train Your Dragon Land Entrance Concept Art Universal's Epic Universe

It also appears the park will feature some kind of entrance monument. If I didn't know any better I'd say it features a dragon on it that looks an awful lot like toothless. If you look closely you can see a black blob that looks kind of like the franchise's main dragon. I can't be certain but that is my best guess.

Looking one last time at the full overview of the land, we see a lot of potential locations for rides, shops, and restaurants. I would say this land will almost definitely have the most attractions, but at least half of them will be lightly themed flat rides.

So are you looking forward to a How To Train Your Dragon themed land? Let us know in the comments!