10 Best Rides in Epcot

Beneath Spaceship Earth Epcot

Epcot was in the original plans for Disney World, but almost nothing like what it is today. It was supposed to be a futuristic planned city, but following Walt Disney's death, those plans were canceled. The plans did later serve as inspiration for Disney World's second park Epcot.

Now the park is currently undergoing a bit of a transition but it is still a great place to spend a day. Here are the 10 best rides at the park, not in any specific order.

Frozen Ever After

This ride received a lot of controversies when it was first announced. It was seen as a fictional country, Arendelle, invading the World Showcase's Norway, removing both Maelstrom and the travelogue film that showcased Norway's culture. But there's no denying its a great ride. Does it fit the park? Not in the slightest! But it is a great trip into the world of Frozen featuring great animatronics and the popular soundtrack of the film.

Test Track

The latest version of Test Track is a massive departure from its original version but it still is the most thrilling ride at Epcot. It is the fastest ride and features a fun interactive element that slightly impacts your ride experience. While it may not have the elaborate theming of its two predecessors it makes up for it in thrill and utilization of projection mapping throughout the ride.

Mission Space

Mission Space currently features two different versions of the attraction, Green, a mission around Earth's orbit, and Orange, a more intense mission to Mars based on the original version of the attraction with relatively new narration. While it is not the best attraction it can be a bunch of fun, especially as it often has one of the shortest waits in the park.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

One of the best things Disney does in Epcot is infusing real-world things with Disney magic. The Seas With Nemo and Friends takes a world-class aquarium and adds a dark ride experience to it, combining real fish with animated characters from the classic Pixar film. The ride also earns points for original music and an original story taking place after the original film.

Journey Into Imagination with Figment

Figment has been the unofficial mascot of Epcot since its early days. He is on countless merchandise items, has been available for meet and greets, and when he was once removed the fan outcry was so intense Disney brought him back only a little over a year later. Now, this is not the best ride Figment has been in, that would still be the original version. But it still isn't the worst (*cough* Journey Into Your Imagination). It still features the loveable purple dragon and the classic Sherman Brothers song One Little Spark.

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

This ride features both obscure Disney characters and a bit of Disney history. It showcases the under-appreciated Three Caballeros on a trip throughout Mexico searching for Donald Duck. Highlights include a Small World inspired scene and a finale with three animatronic figures that predate Walt Disney World by years and there are even photos of Walt Disney himself with them. This is the third park these animatronics have been in.

The American Adventure

The World Showcase features many tribute shows to the cultures of the countries it depicts, but none on the scale of The American Adventure. This audio-animatronic show goes through American history on an epic scale, with Mark Twain and Ben Franklin as your guides. Travel through the entire history of the US on a musical journey, right into the 21st century.

Living with the Land

Living with the Land is the most unchanged ride from the park's opening day (despite a name change). You take a boat ride through an actual greenhouse where you see some of the food served in the park being grown right in front of you, often in innovative and visually impressive ways. This ride is also always changing as Disney starts growing new foods. It also gets bonus points for a behind the scenes tour you can take through the attraction.

Soarin Around the World

This ride takes you on a world tour on a low-intensity simulator that is fun for the whole family. Fly over famous sights from the Matterhorn to the Eiffel Tower. While this isn't as good as the original version of this attraction it is still one of the best rides in the park. Also, the third theater really helps keep the wait times lower than they were during the early years of this attraction.

Spaceship Earth

This ride is the thesis statement of Epcot. Even though the current version narrated by Judi Dench is nearing its end and woefully outdated it still provides an inspiring look at the history of humanity. Hear iconic line like "Thank the Phonecians" and enjoy the wonderful smell of Rome burning. This is an Epcot classic for a reason and you do not want to miss it if you get the chance.