Original Version of Navi River Journey: Disney's Animal Kingdom's Cancelled Attractions

The Navi River Journey is often much maligned. It is too short. There is only one animatronic. It is nothing compared to Flight of Passage. And you honestly would be right. This is not the attraction it was supposed to be.

Welcome back to Disney's Animal Kingdom's Cancelled Attractions. If you missed any previous entries in this series be sure to go here. Today we are discussing the lost originally planned version of Navi River Journey.

Pandora was reportedly originally planned with three rides, on roughly an equal scale. One, the planned E-Ticket was never built, and Flight of Passage was bumped to headliner status. Because of this Navi River Journey had to be changed to fit the land's new format.

Head of the land, Joe Rhode has stated this ride was altered in the planning stage due to its proximity to Flight of Passage.

This explains extensive rumors that the ride was shortened extensively and scaled-down, taking out any potential drops and animatronics besides the one impressive Navi Shamen.

Rumors also hint that there was supposed to be queue entertainment that never ended up making it to opening.

All of these point to a never-built original version of Navi River Journey that would have been much more elaborate than the ride we got. It would have given us two rides that were on roughly the same scale as opposed to Navi River Journey not being on the same level as the other ride in Pandora, Flight of Passage.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out all the other entries in this series here. Also, make sure to come back next week when we explore the lost Wonders of Nature show originally planned to be found inside the Tree of Life.